The accessibility web enables that a web can be visited and utilized of satisfactory form by the major possible number of people, independently of the personal limitations that have or of the by-products of their environment.

Therefore, an accessible website should present the information in such a way that the users can agree her independently of the physical team and the programs that are using, and independently of what sensory and physical capacities they utilize to interact with the computer.

In all the pages of this web has taken care of the adaptation to the standard Web and to the Guidelines of Accessibility to the Content in the Web (WCAG).


This website has been developed continuing the guidelines of the initiative WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), that marks some guidelines and international standards in the accessible web contents creation.

  • - XHTML 1.0
  • - CSS 2.1
  • - WAI: Level AA

Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts that the user can utilize in the web are:

  • 1: Hinges for tables
  • 2: Mold production
  • 3: Injection of plastics
  • 4: About us
  • 5: Situation Map
  • 6: Contact us
  • 7: Accessibility
  • 8: Web Map
  • s: Change to Spanish
  • n: Change to English
  • f: Change to French
  • k: Change to Basque

The use of the keys of access they vary according to the browser that we use:

  • * Internet Explorer: ALT + shortcut + ENTER
  • * Firefox: ALT + SHIFT + shortcut (old versions ALT + shortcut)
  • * Opera: SHIFT + ESC + shortcut